If you don’t speak dutch we can also provide you with consultation and a dietary advice in English! A dietitian is the specialist in the area of food and dietary advice.

All our dietitian’s can help you with a dietary advice in English. We will work together with you, and if it’s necessary with your doctor, to make sure that you get the right dietary advice: appropriate for your condition, your treatment, your lifestyle and of course your personal preferences.

Course of action:

The first consultation:

In the first consultation of around 60-75 minutes, we will talk about your request for help. Besides medical data and your personal situation we will talk about your eating and drinking pattern. Of course your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible. Based on all this data we make, in consideration with you, a recommendation and a dietary advice. The dietary advice will be made to measures for you and will be send to you by email. This is 15 minutes indirect time. The total time for an intake is mostly 90 minutes.

Following consultations:

In a next consultation of 15-30 minutes (for children, sports, allergies and celiac disease a second consultation takes 30-45 minutes) we discuss your experiences and improvement. If necessary we will adjust the plan. If you have any questions they can be answered and the further approach will be discussed.


In 2024 the insurance reimburses 3 hours of dietary advice from the basic insurance. Reimburses of the basic insurance is for persons older than 18 years old, at the expense of their statutory compulsory excess. For children until the age of 18 years old there is no expense of compulsory excess. If you have an additional insurance it is possible the insurance reimburses more than 3 hours of dietary advice. At www.zorgverzekeringswijzer.nl you can find an overview of all the additional insurances that reimburse dietary advice.

If you have a reference of your doctor or nurse practitioner for dietary advice in Ketenzorg Diabetes, CVRM (heart diseases) of COPD (pulmonary disease) then the consultations will be reimbursed without compulsory excess.

No rights or obligations can be derived from the above information. Always take a good look on the conditions and fees in the policy conditions of your health insurance.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have reserved 60-75 minutes (intake) for you in the agenda. We reserve 15-30 minutes for a follow-up consultation. 

Appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance.

If you cancel too late or do not appear on the appointment, we are unfortunately forced to charge € 22,50 for a follow-up appointment and €67,50 for an intake.

These so-called “No Show” costs are not reimbursed by the health insurer.


Quirina Engels is trained as a pediatric dietician and is an expert in the field of children with a deviating growth curve 0-4 years old, critical eaters, food hypersensitivity, celiac disease, autism and tube feeding in children.

Dominique Maan is trained as a pediatric and sports dietitian and is an expert in the field of nutrition for (top) sports, gastrointestinal complaints (including FODMaP diet and lactose intolerance), children with underweight/deviating growth curve and nutrition during pregnancy (including pregnancy wishes), PCOS or endometriosis).

Karin van de Sanden has years of experience in working with people with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, COPD, tube feeding, oncology, elderly care, obesity, malnutrition and PCOS or endometriosis. You can also contact Karin for a carbohydrate-restricted diet.

Simone van der Blom is trained as a pediatric dietitian and child coach. She guides the young children with eating problems, under- and overweight, intestinal complaints and food hypersensitivity.

If you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment you can fill in the contact form.

We will contact you to make an appointment.